Perfectly comfortable

The Cleanet shower toilets blend seamlessly into any bathroom interior with their timeless ceramic body. This means increased design quality, thanks to the familiar aesthetics, as well as improved quality of living, thanks to intimate washing with pure water.

Easy to use

The great feeling of freshness and cleanliness, always within reach: the rotary button on the Cleanet shower toilet enables easy and intuitive use of the many shower functions. Turn and press – hygiene can be that easy. Additional functions and settings can be accessed via remote control or app. 

Thoroughly clean

The Cleanet shower toilets offer all-round optimum hygiene and cleanliness. The multi-level hygiene concept ranges from the basic shower functions, to self-cleaning after every use, all the way through to simple maintenance cleaning and automatic descaling.

Enclosed Ceramic Body
Ceramic surface refinement LCC
Rimless shape of pan
Thorough shower head cleaning before and after each use
Shower head lowered into the ceramic body with cover ring
Exchangeable shower head
Removable seat and cover
Automated descaling programme
Thermal cleaning with water at 70°C 
Device flushing via APP
Intuitive operation using rotary button
Touchscreen remote control 
Operation via APP
User detection 
Rear shower
Lady shower 
Power mode 
Oscillating mode
Programmable shower duration
Jet intensity7 levels7 levels
Shower jet position7 levels7 levels
Shower temperature7 levels7 levels (via APP)
Programmable user profiles4 profiles1 profile (APP)
Automatic air purifier 
Night light 
Indicator light
Economy mode (via APP)
Seat and cover with lowering system
Integrated sound protection
Product dimensions600 x 415 mm580 x 370 mm